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New Social Game Arrives Next Year


BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - October 25, 2005 - Artisticsoft is proud to announce their upcoming game set to be released soon in 2007.

Get a Life Show (previously announced as MetrobotiK) is a PC game that represents the hottest TV Show of this season. The player get inside a reality show in which the entrants have to compete like they never did before. The winner will be the best in managing an equilibrate lifestyle with success and charisma.

Get a Life Show has 3 impressive TV studios that represent real urbanizations where the competition is transmitted to the world. Each TV studio recreate a hole virtual life in there. The sets available are Paris, New York and Buenos Aires.

The main objectives of the competition consist on reaching the highest levels of education, career, cash, health and happiness.

To reach that, the players have to live their lives using complex electronic systems in which they will take important decisions of their everyday actions. Those devices will be the access to the different locations available on the show, like your own home, a bank, a shopping mall, even a casino (in which the player can play some games trying to win easy money, or lose easily the money already has), between others.

The players also can learn special abilities, buy unusual items and use those to interact with their rivals, helping or obstructing their way to success. The elimination system will allow to vote your rivals to abandon the show. The public will decide who stay based on they actions during the game.

Get a Life Show is a 3D game for Windows® platform, made with a full-featured DirectX9-based in-house game engine that can be played in single or multiplayer in one pc or LAN mode.

About Artisticsoft

Artisticsoft is a new independent game development company established in Argentina. Artisticsoft was awarded in the program Shell LiveWIRE 2005 of Argentina, Incuba 05 of the Metropolitan Design Center, and Codear 2005 organized by Adva, local filial of Igda.

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