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New Sega console? Dream on.

Comments made by Sonic Team boss Yuji Naka had UK journos in a spin last week, with some taking his hopeful optimism as proof that discussions are taking place at SEGA HQ about a new console platform.

During a half hour E3 Q&A session with the legendary creator of Sonic The Hedgehog, he was asked: "Do you miss creating games for proprietary SEGA hardware?" to which, via a shaky translator, he replied: "I miss that very much. When SEGA is more vitalised⦠I would definitely want to work on it."

Obviously, the question on everyone's lips was "Will that happen?" to which the succinct reply was "I will try very hard".

But really? Is SEGA really in any position to even think about getting back in the console fire? The company suffered two successive loss-making setbacks with the Saturn and Dreamcast, and wisely realised another one would finish the company off for good.

Its current financial footing places the company behind even Take-Two in terms of market capitalisation, and it would take an incredibly dramatic turnaround in its fortunes to imagine it being capable of launching a home console again.

A spokesperson from SEGA of Europe commented: "Something was clearly lost in the translation, Naka-san was talking about how it would be nice, not that it was fact, and there are certainly no discussions at SEGA HQ regarding to return to the home console market.

"Naka-san was categorical in enjoying the opportunity to be able to work on multi-platforms for Sonic Heroes as it means a bigger audience," the spokesperson added.

Indeed he did, which is hardly a sign of a return to proprietary platform. Besides which, it's proving difficult enough for the market to support three active console platforms - what hope could there possibly be for the successful introduction of a fourth?

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