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New Scorpion Gallery updates: Assembly

Unleash the power of Scorpion ( as you smash your way through various fantastic environments available in the game. We have started a series of Scorpion screens that are divided into several groups (Slums, Assembly, and Heaven) with the Slums location screens already announced. Today, we are offering a new bunch of specific location assets representing Assembly.

Assembly is a perfect place for a man to live, work, and make his career in one of the hundreds of companies located in each Free Commerce Area. Secure, comfortable, clean. Just sign the contract and be ready to rake in the shekels! But reality is far from this nice picture. One who steps inside will find himself in a well-guarded prison with only dim chances to ever get out.

The Assembly set with a very detailed description has been added to the game gallery ( More asset packs are still cooking, so get ready for other appetizers to be delivered for you soon.

About Scorpion

After several major economical and political crises the world as we know it ceased to exist. Only few major states survived 2020s, while the lesser authorities have collapsed, leaving behind anarchy and pollution. The power vacuum was filled by key international companies which acquired control over derelict territories, forming Free Commerce Areas (FCAs).

In early 2030s ruins of unknown origin were discovered in Sudan. Several artifacts possibly of alien nature were quickly revealed and soon major dig has started. But few months of work as well as the bulk of the dig team were lost to the underground explosion followed by contamination of the region. To prevent diseases from spreading a series of nuclear strikes were made to completely annihilate the site. These events have caused major resonance and soon a treaty limiting the usage of dangerous technologies and weapon systems was signed between the FCAs and UNO. As a result the International Committee of Technology and Warfare Supervision (ICTS) with its own military and intelligence units, was created.

Same time few survivors of Sudan Incident emerged as founders of newly formed Zenith Corporation. This institution with HQ in Zagreb FCA quickly established itself as a notorious player on weapon, pharmaceutics and IT markets. But in 2028 several instances of Zenith weapon systems together with samples of unidentified biological weapons were discovered during the liquidation of the extremists' Albanian group in Kosovo.

ICTS immediately started investigation. It was planned to infiltrate Zenith as a customer with clear ties to one of the terrorists' organization and get a proof of its illegal activity. One of the best ICTS field agents, codename Scorpion, has been assigned to this mission

Key Features

Intense action in cyber-punk styled Earth 2028

Futuristic storyline supported by multiple cut-scenes

Combination of first-person combat and stealth action elements provides unique gaming experience

Impressive arsenal of upgradeable weapons

Characters can gain access to several paranormal psychic powers including the ability to subdue the will of enemies for a short period of time

Advanced squad-oriented combat AI creates a strong challenging opposition

Elite opponents possess supernatural powers similar to those of the player's character

Cutting-edge game engine produces a detailed realistic picture

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