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New Resident Evil movies in the works

Despite the poor critical reception received by previous installments in the series, movie studio Constantin Film AG has announced plans to produce two more Resident Evil films.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the third film will be entitled Resident Evil: Afterlife. It's scripted by Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the first Resi film, wrote the second and was also at the helm for the first Mortal Kombat movie.

Milla Jovovich, who is married to Anderson, will once again reprise her role as heroine Alice for the film. The story is set in the South-Western US but shooting will take place in Australia.

The fourth film has yet to be given a title, but will see Alice fighting off zombies in Tokyo and will be shot on location in Japan.

Although the first Resi Evil films were not a success with the critics they did well at the box office, with last year's RE: Apocalypse earning more than $50 million. Resident Evil is now the second-most profitable game tie-in franchise after Tomb Raider, which is also owned by Constantin Film AG.

The trend for big screen adaptations of popular games looks set to continue over the coming months, with movie versions of Prince of Persia, Silent Hill and Halo also currently planned.

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