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New publisher hopes to light up games industry

A new videogames publishing company with offices in Amsterdam and Montreal has been established by "industry veterans" looking to bring original PC games to the global market.

Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing plans to release four games within the next six months, including strategy title SunAge and classic adventure game Keepsake. The company will then begin to release console and multi-platform titles over the course of 2006.

"The industry has gone through some rough patches over the last few years but we feel that better times are ahead and we want to be a strong part of them," commented CEO Erik Schreuder.

"I feel these are exciting times for a new company like ours. We're very fortunate to be in this young and growing industry, being part of and hopefully impacting the culture of generations to come."

"Navigating entertainment, that's our goal."

More information is available from the new Lighthouse website.

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