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New Player Enters Mobile Gambling Arena

Cometa Games Guarantees Gameplay

October 28th. Gameplay matters - and matters most, according to Cometa Games, a new mobile game developer and infrastructure provider which has entered the rapidly evolving mobile gambling sector.

Founded by Rob Anderson, a veteran of the gambling industry, and former game design manager for a major gambling machine manufacturer, Cometa Games promises to revolutionise the emergent mobile gaming market and bring entirely new levels of creativity and playability to mobile gambling titles.

"The mobile gambling market is evolving incredibly quickly," says Rob Anderson, the Managing Director of Cometa Games. "However, the issue of quality, both in terms of the games themselves and the underlying technology is one which has yet to be addressed. Many of the gambling games on the market are simply not much fun to play. This has serious long-term implications for the usage of these titles and for the market as a whole. Cometa has a great deal of experience in developing titles with real gameplay and far greater appeal outside the immediate gambling function to ensure players return to play time after time."

The company has also created the ArcadiaTM platform to enable the creation, provision and management of gambling games and services. A comprehensive and highly optimised mobile gambling solution, ArcadiaTM ensures that players can compete at their own pace without waiting for connections or establishing dedicated open line. Highly secure, with the ability to integrate seamlessly into existing software, ArcadiaTM is the first dedicated mobile gambling platform created with the quality of gameplay in mind.

"The whole mobile gaming experience is built upon convenience and access," says Anderson. "If players cannot access a service, use it and achieve something within a very short space of time, then they're not going to come back as often as they might. Allowing them to enter, play and enjoy our games as quickly as possible in a completely secure environment means that the infrastructure becomes transparent to the consumer. Having to wait for a connection to be established for each and every spin cuts down the amount of time the user actually spends playing. ArcadiaTM allows the player to play at speeds of up to 1000 games per hour, ensuring even the fastest players are not left waiting as their mobile tries to connect. Cometa is committed to making the whole gambling experience as seamless and enjoyable for the consumer as it possibly can be."

Cometa Games is making the ArcadiaTM system available from Q4 2004. . This technology can be used by online casinos, online book makers etc. to provide mobile gambling games to their clients.

A number of original Cometa titles including fruit machine titles Golden Dragon, Spaced Out, Cop The Lot, Royal Roulette, Jackpot Bingo, Triple Play Poker and Cometa's horse racing game Pimlico Park are also now available.

For more information, please visit www.cometagames.com or contact Rob Anderson - rob@cometagames.com



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