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New Pirates! 1.02 Patch

Today we have released the new 1.02 patch for Sid Meier's Pirates!. The patch has a total of 23 fixes in it for you current retail copy. It can be downloaded directly from this site http://www.2kgames.com/index.php?p=support&product=240,3,Sid+Meier's+Pirates!,PC,2K_Games,piratespc&section=patches , or if you would like to host the patch on your own site, please feel free to download it from the following ftp:

address: pressftp.take2games.com

username: 2kgamesmedia

password: 4j0BNh2-w

or the following url: 4j0BNh2-w@pressftp.take2games.com" TEXT=ftp://2kgamesmedia:4j0BNh2-w@pressftp.take2games.com> 4j0BNh2-w@pressftp.take2games.com>

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