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See the professional's artwork before you try it yourself in Paint by DS

LONDON, 14th November 2007

Mercury Games today released new artwork from the Paint by DS game and a new video showing the game in action.

Paint by DS is a digital colouring book which enables the player to recreate masterpieces by renowned artists such as Hokusai, Cezanne and Van Gogh, in their own artistic style. The player uses the DS stylus to mix oil and water-based paints to create colours and consistencies and then paint the artwork.

The game is published by Mercury Games and distributed by Atari in the UK. The game will be released in December 2007, priced at £19.99/24.99.


Artwork Attached:

Tago Bay at Ejiri by Katsushika Hokusai

Le Golfe de Marseille by P.Cezanne

Paysage a Chaponval by C.Pisarro

Anemone by P.J. Redoute

Notes to the Editor

About Mercury Games

Mercury Games was set up in 2005 as a video games publisher and has sold over one million units worldwide of the Crazy Frog franchise.

Mercury Games publishes games across all platforms including licensed and original IP products for PC, Nintendo DS and Wii, Sony PS2, PSP and PSN, and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade.

Mercury Games currently operates two additional brands, Turtle Games which publishes games for the children's market and The Zen Series , which it co-publishes with Japanese videogame company Ertain, consisting of relaxing, non-violent and non-competitive lifestyle games.

Mercury Games are based in central London.

For more information on Mercury Games visit,

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