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New online analysis company launches

GameAnalytics aims to generate $1 billion in incremental revenue for publishers by 2015

GameAnalytics, a new company focusing on data mining and monetisation of online games has launched, has officially launched.

Headed up by former I-Play exec Chris Wright and ex-boss at Microprose and Hasbro Tim Christian, the company intends to offer services around "behavioural analytics, predictive modeling and individually targeted in-game marketing products" for publishers of products across social networks, virtual worlds and MMOs.

"The games industry has fundamentally changed," said Wright. "Games are now a service, provided digitally, on demand. These games are paid for in a variety of ways, from traditional upfront payments, to subscriptions, micropayments for virtual goods and free-to-play.

"The key to all this is data; companies need to quickly understand and effectively respond to the massive amounts of player information they are gathering. The companies that get this right are the ones that will succeed in this new and exciting future."

And Christian, who has also invested in the new company, stated that its ambition was to generate $1 billion in incremental revenues for online businesses.

"Regardless of the revenue level of our clients' games, use of our products will generate more money," he added.

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