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New look for XBLA

"Destination Arcade" features overhauled search engine and UI

Microsoft's digital distribution system Xbox Live Arcade is to be revamped, as game sales are increasingly pushed to the fore of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The new 'Destination Arcade' launches as an optional download in the US next week. As well as sporting a redesigned interface, it will include options to categorise listed games by the likes of price and consumer rating, as well to view recommendations, news on what friends are playing and sharing options

"This brand new recommendation engine & visual browser app will be available in the US on July 14th," said Microsoft's Larry Hryb.

The new system is more visually akin to the existing Xbox 360 dashboard, and is designed to promote more of the XBLA's 250-strong game catalogue to purchasers. An international release date has not been confirmed as yet.

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