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New Look CGEmpire

CGEmpire.com ( http://www.cgempire.com) is a game development community aimed at supporting independent game development, and helping aspiring developers break into the games industry with tutorials and advice from established industry professionals in art, code, music and design.

With a building relationship with UK based further-education organisations, we provide a support structure for students and post-graduates who need help bridging the gap between university and a career in the video games industry. We also provide online independent game publishing, along with support and hosting for independent game developers looking for help in distributing their game online.

After gaining feedback from our members, we have redesigned the site from the ground up, providing a more streamlined and accessible forum for members. We have created a new front-page blog with news and opinion on every aspect of the video games industry, as well as other media arts. We now provide free member blog space to each of our members, allowing members to express themselves in their own online CGEspace that will be seen by anyone reading the site. Our member's CGEspace also contain their own free art gallery to act as an online portfolio and resume advertising their skills.

Along with other big changes in the pipeline, such as the ability to connect with colleagues, business contacts and friends within or without the games industry. This will allow you to form a network that will help you find job opportunities, or to promote your products throughout the commercial or independent games industry.

David West, Art Manager at Atomic Planet Entertainment, and co-founder of CGEmpire, comments: "CGEmpire hopes to become an essential and all encompassing game development portal; providing news, tutorials, advice and support, job searching, networking and entertainment for free, forever, to anyone who wants to be involved. But over all, we want to maintain a friendly and approachable community that welcomes and provides for developers or artists no matter what their skill level and experience."

If you would like to be a part of this quickly growing community; to seek support for your game development exploits, to offer your experiences to help others make their mark in the industry, are looking for fresh young blood for your development team, or just want to talk nonsense on the boards, then visit http://www.CGEmpire.com ... we'll look forward to seeing you!

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