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New level for VIP Mod Released

It's been 1 1/2 years in the making but after a long long wait, it's finally here. as_recon, the latest masterpiece by legendary level designer 3D-Mike (de_survivor, dm_avalon) was just released for VIP Mod.

VIP Mod is the server side plugin that re-creates assassination mode for Counter Strike: Source. This new level, originally intended to be included with the initial release of VIP Mod, has been sitting on 3D-Mikes hard drive waiting to be finished for over a year. 3D-Mike finally passed the "map in progress" to VIP Mod creator L. Duke for the final touches and to be compiled. L. Duke has tested, compiled, retested etc. until it was ready for you now.

The result can be downloaded at http://downloads.punkassfraggers.com

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