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New Konami Ad Campaign Pitches Soccer Rivals On Tesco Fleet Through Agripa

16th November 2005

Chelsea and Arsenal Captains, John Terry and Thierry Henry, have momentarily forgotten their on-pitch battle to front a new ad campaign. The launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 5, the latest version of Konami's best selling football game, is to be promoted across Tesco Fleet MediaTM trailers.

The campaign will feature the eye-catching ads until the end of this month, with Konami aiming to capture the attention of gamers across the UK.

The artwork features profile close-ups of the two Premiership footballers on either side of the words 'Try Telling Them It's Only A Game.' The ads centre on the rivalry between the two clubs and the competitive nature of the acclaimed video game.

The Tesco Fleet MediaTM trailers have become a popular choice for advertising new computer games. Mark Hendry, Sales Manager at Agripa said: "Advertisers from this sector are particularly attracted by the impact of our format and the stand out achieved by the medium. It is a very effective way to launch a product of this kind."

"Following its success at launch, we are keen to ensure Pro Evolution Soccer 5 remains in the public eye," commented Jon Murphy, Marketing Manager for Konami of Europe (UK). "The Tesco Fleet MediaTM trailers are perfect for this, and offer a welcome alternative to the customary promotional avenues available to us."


Note to Editors

Agripa® is a media and fleet management company with a unique, global patent protected advertising solution for brands and fleet owners - Fleet MediaTM. As a full service company, Agripa® manages the complete integration of the medium.

The Agripa® concept is the brainchild of founder John Pitt, who created and later sold the Pitz - 5 side soccer centres. and was the 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year award winner in the emerging companies sector. Marketing Excellence Awards, the company is a 2005 winner of the Marketing Excellence Awards for the best Business to Business strategy, was voted the Most Entrepreneurial Business of 2005 by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce' and recently lifted the 2005 Rocco Award for Technology and E-Business

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