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New Gift Brochure in Voyage Century Item Mall

40cents equals 75 dollars

Since Valentine's is around the corner, official take this opportunity to express our gratitude and recommend a new item---Gift Brochure to the players who always give their support to the Voyage Century. As repaying, the players who buy the Gift Brochure in the item mall will have a percentage of 100% to win a prize. It is Gift Brochure to bring you wonder and surprise in Voyage Century.

Only 40cents, the lowest price, can get you a Gift Brochure. Scratching your Brochure, you may win your dreaming items, tools, or elegance dress at 75 dollars. 40 cents= 75 dollars? It is conceivable in Voyage Century.

Say goodbye to 2006 and greet 2007, it is not only a single transition but also a gradual progress for Voyage Century to be mature and perfect. With the company of numerous Voyage Century players, our game have gone a long way and continued to make breakthrough. More content will come into being soon in next stage. As for activities, the Passionate Valentine's Series, hot in process, will give all players a romantic Valentine's Day. It is more and more splendid in the world of Voyage Century.

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