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New games label

Creative Agency Chunk launches its own games label.

Glasgow, Scotland.  December 13th 2010.  Digital creative agency Chunk has launched a brand new games label - Chunk Games - which will publish original and branded titles across all platforms - while the company's existing digital services will continue under the newly createdChunk Digital brand. 

Since 2001 Chunk has worked with some of the world's largest brands to develop innovative and creative online projects - including games.  Chunk Games will build on this experience, giving the company credible, dedicated presence within the rapidly evolving games and interactive entertainment markets. 

Chunk Games will be developing and publishing games across all platforms, from the home consoles and handhelds through to mobile devices, smartphones and online games channels. 

Donnie Kerrigan, Managing Director of Chunk Group, says, "“The whole notion of video games has changed over the last few years.  Everyone is playing games now - and they’re playing them everywhere, on every possible device. That’s a massive worldwide audience and an amazing opportunity for developers, agencies and brands. However, you still need to know what makes a great game. Chunk Games' whole focus centres on games, games that make people feel good.  When you add this to Chunk's experience and expertise in the wider digital markets, it gives us a huge advantage as the gaming sector grows.

“Working in the games sector needs a dedicated and expert presence.  Chunk Games was created to make sure that as a developer and publisher we're building the right content for the right platforms and making the utmost of all the new opportunities offered by the games world as it goes in all of these exciting new directions.”

The first two Chunk Games titles, created for iPhone/iPod will be announced in the near future, with a release date before the end of 2010. 

About Chunk Group 

Chunk was established in 2001 as an alternative to getting a real job.  An independent digital creative agency, Chunk is described in this boilerplate as 'unique' and 'innovative' but then we would say that.  Chunk HAS worked with an array of interesting companies, brands and projects across all types of media though.  Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland (colder than London, yet only 45 minutes away by plane, fact fans!), Chunk offers a different approach to digital design, based on an almost supernatural understanding of technology and an unashamed desire to do something fun with it.

OK, so, Chunk has worked with companies including Audi, Volvo, Disney, the Macallan, Famous Grouse, Cadbury, Kronenberg, Fosters and more — many more.  Some of Chunk's favourite projects include an entire cinema full of people controlling giant virtual purple eyebrows (this is all true) to win free chocolate.  We also established a new world record in London's Oxford Street, where Jamie Redknapp and 180 school children played a game of virtual 'keepie-up' using motion tracking.  We even answered the unspoken prayers of accountants, book-keepers and busy executives worldwide, when we created an (award-winning) online game for accounting software company, Sage, to help train their brains and keep them honed to a razor-like sharpness, which is vital in those areas of high finance, corporate management and doing ‘significant’ things with money.

It's works too.  Chunk won a 2010 Scottish Design Award for Sage Train Your Brain (we mentioned that, right?), as well as two DADI awards, for the same project and the Cadbury’sEyebrows cinema campaign.  We're glad we have offices with a large enough mantelpiece.


In late 2010 Chunk established two new brands.  Chunk Digital will continue the company's massively popular digital creative work, whilst the new Chunk Games label will design, develop and publish original and branded videogames - across all platforms - which we hope will be just as award-winning, and might even impress attractive people at parties.

Collectively, the company will be called Chunk Group, though friends can still refer to the company as 'Chunk'. 


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Digital creative agency Chunk launches a dedicated multi-platform games label - Chunk Games - to develop and publish original and branded videogames 


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