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New games for the ZX Spectrum thanks to Cronosoft!


Boston, Lincs., UK - June 22 2005 - Cronosoft's big summer hits set to both challenge and innovate with the release of Stranded and The Fantastic Mister Fruity.

Cronosoft have been in recent years the most prolific supporters of Sir Clive's rubber-keyed beast, and is pleased to announce the release of the solid puzzler Stranded and innovative The Fantastic Mister Fruity.

Stranded is a tried and tested game to tax the grey matter in which the designated hero Moosh must be guided through the bridges between his world and his people's arch-enemy. To do this, each tile on the bridge must be taken away by moving over it. The game is colourful, very polished and extremely playable.

The Fantastic Mister Fruity is an exciting new game from the talents of Jonathan Cauldwell with music from Matthew Westcott. The game is Advanced Fruit Machine Simulator meets Bomberman, in which Mister Fruity must take out the roaming foe from each level by opening up a portal to another dimension. As the portal opens, a fruit machine spins and once the reels have stopped a blast is thrown in four directions that will obliterate anything in its path. Spinning the reels can also help to gain points, and three stars in a row will gain an extra life.

For more information about the above title and other developments for aged formats, head over to http://www.cronosoft.co.uk

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Set up at the end of 2002 to support computer systems that no longer seem commercially viable, Cronosoft run on a not for profit basis and have published many different titles for more than half a dozen platforms. With steady growth and strong assets, it has become a leader in a limited and niche marketplace.


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