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New from Xing Mobile: Super Nanat Xplozion

In the franchise of the Super Nanat, Bubu Kong and Alyssa characters comes a new mobile phone game called "Super Nanat Xplozion". Bubu Kong has done it again and kidnapped Super Nanat's girlfriend Alyssa. This time however Super Nanat has increased his arsenal of weaponry with explosives in order to get rid of nasty flames, blow up walls that block his path and generally increase the level of damage he can do compared to using just his trustry hammer... Bubu Kong has become even more of a berserker as he can break through walls now when he gets really ticked off... It won't be easy but surely Super Nanat can save the day (and Alyssa) again?

This game is available for over 100 of the most popular handsets as usual with Xing Mobile products. For more information on distribution, licensing and sales opportunities please visit or contact Alex de Vries at All enquiries are warmly welcomed.

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