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New demo service launches for indie games

A new service has been set up to offer consumers a free CD of indie game demos directly to their door.

Game Savant aims to "hand select and review the independent game world's best releases", offering games that are "free from spywayre, malware or adware."

Consumers who sign up at the Game Savant website will receive a playable demo CD every month in what is phase one of a three-part rollout plan.

Phase two will see Game Savant offering downloadable content, and in phase three users' preferences will be tracked and they will receive recommendations. There are also plans to host forums, hold tournaments and establish a ratings system that lets users review games online.

The first CD - Savant Selections Volume 1 - features 12 game demos including Poker Superstars International and Bejeweled-style puzzler Big Kahuna Reef. At present it is only available to residents of the US and Canada at a cost of $10 to cover shipping and materials.

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