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New "Cross Racing Championship 2005" screens focus on changes made

March 11th 2005 - Invictus Games and Project Three Interactive today announced that are very happy with the progress being made with the development of their upcoming race simulator for PC 'Cross Racing Championship 2005'. Working together closely, Invictus and Project Three so far have increased dirt levels, improved the self shadowing system, added more realistic bump mapping effects and on top of that, a whole new set of water textures has been implemented to increase the overall feel of realism. In addition to the graphics, the current handling, steering and sounds have also undergone major adjustments, not in the least based on the feedback received from users of the 2004 tech-demo. To emphasize the differences implemented, '2005' was added to the game's official title.

Backing up the improvements made, several new screenshots were released showing off some of the graphic updates and some of CRC's different racing classes, cars and race environments.

Project Three announced that the game still is very much on target for a may 2005 release and that a brand new, final playable CRC demo will be released during April 2005.

Check out the new screenshots here:

or download them here from our website as a pack:

For more information visit the CRC website and pay a visit to our CRC forums where you can meet up with other fans, chat along with the developers or team up with the CRC car modellers.

Links: Dedicated CRC Website CRC forums

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