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New Characters are storming the gates of Metin2!


Metin2- a high quality 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) with unique dynamic fighting system pulishing by G4Box Inc. The new patch for Metin2 new characters will coming soon, G4Box Released some screenshots for new characters

Markham, Ontario, Canada -- October 10, 2007 -- G4Box Inc. released some new character screenshots for Metin2 - a high quality 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) with unique dynamic fighting system.

The long anticipated patch featuring Metin2's new character classes is almost ready for release!

2 New Female Suras


2 New Male Assassins


2 New Female Warriors


2 New Male Mages

Here are some screenshots fresh off of our test server featuring all new images of these characters in action!

Witness the stunning power of our Female Warriors, the brutal speed of our Male Assassins, the awesome mental prowess of our Male Mages, and the sinister forces harnessed by our Female Suras!

'Ha ha! Are you serious? A girl that can barely lift a sword is going to collect a bounty on me? Hah~~~Urrrgghhh!!!!'- Last words spoken by Black-Wind Bu.

'Gah gah gah! Hey, little sissy man wit da FAN! Come ova here and help me out, it¡¯s mighty hot today! Har har HA~~~*CRACKLE*' - Last words spoken by an unidentified lump of charcoal.


The pending arrival of these powerful new characters has attracted the notice of friends and foes alike. The Three Kingdoms of Metin2 hope to recruit these brave new souls into their National War and to escalate their border conflicts. At the same time, criminal organizations and orcish tribes have spread word amongst their members to kill these new characters on sight. There are rumors of a massive build-up of Black Orcs in the Nula Valley region and travelers have spotted orcish groups outside of their ancestral lands. The Black Orcs have adopted a new insignia representing a fiery sun with wings and some Black Orcs have whispered prayers to some sort of 'Fire God' with their dying breath....

"This is an exciting advancement for Metin2. The new characters will be patched and ready to play very soon!" said Howard He, CEO of G4Box "With the new addition of these free character models, we look forward to hearing about our players continued adventures!"

About G4Box Inc.

Based on Markham, the Hi-Tech capital of Ontario, Canada, G4Box is a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products and offers a portfolio of diversified entertainment content that is accessible via the internet.

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New character Screenshots:


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