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New Character revealed: Kagar the Lightning – if prudence is not your thing

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 24 May 2007 - Leading video game developer and publisher Fireglow Games TM , best known for its Sudden Strike® series, today reveals the second main hero of the upcoming RPG/RTS-Mix Stranger®: Kagar is the choice for players who love to go full force on the enemy. For full information on the character and the game, please visit the official game-website:

Kagar loves two things: a fierce battle and his lightning spell. That's why they call him Kagar the Lightning. He's quick to move through enemy hordes with his superb sword skills. Being unbeaten in countless battles, he does engage in a fight without caring about friend of foe. If his blade is not enough to overcome the enemy, he will use his beloved lightning spell to strike his opponents. And if that's not enough, his Fire Shield spell will do the rest.

Backed-up by allies, he can overcome any army. Kagar is the choice for players who like to engage directly in battle and use brute force.

Please find the link to six new Stranger screenshots below:


Kagar is of unknown origin. The only thing that is known is that he descends from a mighty clan in the Town of Wizards before he was expelled to Kront.


Having been expelled to the world of Kront, he starts off engaging his enemies with bare hands!


Fully clad in plate-armour, Kagar is doing his job: slashing enemies. In the background, you can see his friend Steiger who helps out.


Kagar slashes his way through a horde of monsters. His beloved lightning spell will help him conquer the lever on the left.


Barbecue the Kagar-way. With the help of his Fire Shield spell, Kagar creates a lot of damage.


Kagar goes full force. Engaging his fire shield and lightning spell, our hero does what he knows best: a straight fight.

About Stranger:

Stranger combines epic role-playing with some of the best elements of real-time strategy. The never-before-seen spell and item enchantment system allows a never-before-seen flexibility as players simply have to swap the amounts of used crystals to adapt to their enemies' strategies. The unique level design allows you to fight on several levels at the same time. Seamlessly interwoven maps enable distinctive tactical options.


RPG blended with some of the best RTS elements

3 main heroes and many units to choose from

Over 100 different monsters

Unique and flexible magic system

Great variety of items and gear

More than 30 hours of single player campaign

Multiplayer with up to 8 players

Level design enables distinctive tactical options


For additional information, please contact:

Max Dolmar


Fireglow Ltd. was founded in 1999. Since then, Fireglow has developed four games in the Sudden Strike series (Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike Forever, Sudden Strike II and Sudden Strike - Resource War).

Fireglow is now developing other games for the Sudden Strike series ( - including Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory), and is also launching another independent brand, Stranger ( - Stranger).

For more information about Fireglow, visit

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