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New Book Enables Writers To Tackle The Sophisticated Games Market

With video game storylines, characters and narrative becoming more and more sophisticated, games writers need the skills of the most talented novel writers, as well as a knowledge of the industry.

Writing for Video Games by Steve Ince, nominated for Excellence in Writing at the Games Developers Choice Awards, as well as the interactive BAFTAs, gives a realistic picture of how games companies work, and advises the best techniques to adapt your skills.

"It's a substantial, informative, entertaining, and, in many ways, enlightening read. I'm particularly impressed by how you manage to cover all aspects of game production - and the writer's role in the process - in great depth and with great insight, but without losing yourself (and the readers) in microscopic detail."

Martin Ganteföhr, Game Designer and Writer

Topics include:


point of view


interactive narrative



technical writing

marketing yourself

Appendices include a sample script and recommended websites, games and books. The foreword to the book is by Tony Warriner, co-founder of Revolution Software. If you would like to interview Steve Ince, or would like competition or review copies, please contact Suzi Nicolaou on 020 7494 6567 or email

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