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New "Atomic Betty(TM)" Screenshots Reveal a Cosmic Superhero…Who’s Late for Math Class!

Namco today released 20 screenshots from their upcoming Game Boy® Advance game, "Atomic BettyTM." Due for release in November, the game stars Atomic Betty, an interplanetary Defender of the Cosmos and an overachieving schoolgirl.

Can Atomic Betty save the universe from the dastardly Maximus I.Q., thwart her mischievous rival Penelope, finish her homework and make it to the basketball finals in time to bring home the MVP trophy? Only you can help!

What follows is an exclusive entry from Betty's very own diary, offering a first glimpse into the tribulations only she understands.

To download the newly released "Atomic Betty" screenshots, please visit:



Dear Diary,

Don't get me wrong, I love Purrsy, but this cat is making it impossible for me to finish my homework!

Not to mention, Penelope, Megan and Sara are doing everything they can to make sure I can't find the papers Purrsy took.

Then on top of everything, Admiral DeGill needs me right away because Maximus is trying to get his evil self inducted into the Cosmic Hall of Villainy for Villainous Villains. Maximus is up to some serious scheming and I'm the Galactic Guardian to knock him down.

Thank goodness for my Earth friends, Noah and Paloma, who are tracking down Purrsy as I write this, and my space friends, X-5 and Sparky, who can help me take down all of these Robots, Blood monks, Termi-nannies and their super-evil bosses.

I'm especially excited about my All Purpose Cosmic Bracelet - it is not only cool-looking, but I can download gadgets, new abilities and missions from the Admiral.

Can I stop Maximus' dreams of eternal infamy in time to turn in my homework and win that basketball tournament? Maybe, if nothing goes wrong along the way!

(Say, is it just me, or does that mischievous Purrsy look just a little bit like Maximus?)

Wish me luck, Diary!

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