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Nevrax appoints Xavier Antoviaque as Community Liaison

Nevrax appoints Xavier Antoviaque as the new Community Liaison. He will be reponsible for providing improved information and feedback to the players, with the help of Jolt, MDO and Themis' Community Managers.

As a result of feedback from the Ryzom player community, Nevrax has appointed a new community liaison responsible for managing communication concerning the development team and the state of features in development. He will work closely with the community managers to provide answers to player questions, a clear view of the production teams' work and an insight into Nevrax' medium and long-term goals concerning SoR.

Nevrax have dedicated a member of the development team to this role. His intimate knowledge of the inner workings of production coupled with years of experience working with online communities give him a solid background. As Community Liaison, he will be the voice of development.

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