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Nevrax appoints new executive producer for Ryzom

Paris-based online game developer Nevrax has announced the appointment of a new executive producer for its popular multiplayer role-playing title The Saga of Ryzom, with Jessica Mulligan joining the team.

Mulligan, who was most recently executive producer and creative director of the Los Angeles studio of Turbine, developer of the Asheron's Call series, has twenty years of experience of working in the role-playing sector.

Before working for Turbine, she worked in senior roles for a number of companies including Themis Group, MM3D and Origin Systems, where she was a director on the hugely successful MMORPG Ultima Online.

"I have been following the development of Ryzom for some time now, and I'm happy to become a part of this project," commented Mulligan. "Working together with the players, we intend to make Ryzom the gem it is destined to be."

Her role at the company will include overseeing the continuing development of The Saga of Ryzom, and exploring new opportunities to extend the features and gameplay of the title.

"We are extremely pleased with the addition of Jessica to our team," according to Nevrax CEO David Cohen Corval. "Her experience and ideas will make a rich contribution to the development of The Saga of Ryzom and the progression of the title."

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