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Neverend Gets All Talkie!

27th September 2005

NEVEREND, a fantasy RPG for the PC, has slipped back from its original October date to February 2006. The new date has been announced following a re-planned distribution schedule. To take advantage of the extended time, Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited (D2D) is currently adding some extra content to the game.

The game was already planned to contain some voice dubbing, but D2D is taking extra steps to ensure that all 4,500 lines of in game text are spoken by a variety of voice actors.

"We are currently recording the voices to the 135 characters within the game," said Neil Cotton, Director at D2D. "Even the villagers that fulfil a tiny - and sometimes unhelpful - role will have their very own voice. All together there is just under 4 hours of voice scripting!"

Most RPG games will have some voice dubbing for crucial scenes or as an intro, but this new move by D2D will give gamers a fuller fantasy experience.

"It is a lot of extra work and although it will clearly add an extra dimension to the game, we will NOT be making the gamers pay for it! We won't be raising the retail price of £19.99. We believe that this shows how committed we are as a publisher to deliver great games at great prices!" Concluded Cotton.

The game will be released on PC DVD ROM, February 2006.

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Notes to Editors:

DUSK2DAWN INTERACTIVE LIMITED: (D2D) was formed in 2004 and employs four full time staff and utilises the in-depth knowledge of respected gaming veterans. D2D aims to release titles that have strong game play elements and not just pretty graphics. D2D is also building excellent relationships with dedicated developers all round the globe, boasting big plans for the future of the company, seeing it grow quickly over the next few years.

D2D Press Contact : Neil Cotton, Marcoms Limited - T: 01773 599120, or

M: 07962 039 469. E-mail

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