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Neon Wars combines retro feel and modern graphics

Endicott, NY - 11/7/2006 - Michael P. Welch (creator of Pocket Tanks and Super DX-Ball) of Blitwise Productions, in association with Richard Phipps of Reflected Games, has released Neon Wars. The first Blitwise game to be released in two years, Neon Wars is an abstract shooter with a twist.

Neon Wars puts you in complete control with your mouse, giving you smooth, seamless game play and a unique gaming experience. Your weapon fires automatically, with no need to aim, firing in the direction of the closest enemy. This frees up the player for collecting stars to power up your weapon, while dodging enemies who increase in speed and endurance with every minute! As you collect more stars, the rate of fire, power, and even type of bullet upgrade, helping you keep pace with the relentlessly evolving enemy. In addition, up to 10 special weapons are available in the Deluxe version, enabling you to overpower your enemies in a flash of pyrotechnic glory, or protect yourself from the relentless advance of your foes.

Neon Wars features level play or survival mode, and a total of 7 unique color zones. Each zone has its own color, its own feel, and its own enemies, ensuring nearly limitless playing possibilities.

The five different difficulty levels will offer something to new and veteran gamers alike. The enemies are harder and faster on the higher difficulties, and it takes more power-up stars to level up your weapon, but you also gain access to the most powerful, fastest firing weapon only on the higher difficulty levels.

Neon Wars features fun, upbeat music from Eliran Ben-Ishai DNA-Groove.

Visit to view screenshots of Neon Wars, download a demo or purchase the full game.

About Blitwise Productions

Michael P. Welch, the creator of Scorched Tanks, Pocket Tanks, DX-Ball, Super DX-Ball, and Neon Wars, has been making games for over 15 years. A big fan of the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers, Michael's affection for small scale projects involving one or two developers evokes a classic era in computer gaming. However, his ability to produce blazing frame rates, bright colors, awesome visual effects and simple, addictive gameplay give his games a modern polish that represents the pinnacle of independent development. Blitwise sells its games online and offers free technical support to customers. A shareware version of each game is available at


Michael Welch

Blitwise Productions

PO Box 5723

Endicott, NY 13763

Fax: (607)429-0226


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