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NEO Online

Or "New Era Odyssey" to you, an MMORPG where the aim is to become a legend. If you're not already.

Official Website:

Summary of Neo online:

- Title : N.E.O Online (New Era Odyssey)

- Genre : MMORPG

- Concept of Game: Great ambition for being Legend Traveling Around ‘Gaia' with various people living in Virtual life in the Game.

Game Spec:

Minimum Spec

OS : Window 2000

CPU : P3- 1Ghz

RAM :  512 MB

VGA : Geforce Ti4200

DIRECTX : Direct 9.0c

Recommended Spec

OS : Window XP

CPU : P4-3.0Ghz


VGA : Higher than Geforce 6600 or Radeon X1000

DIRECTX : Direct 9.0c

Feature of Neo online:

1. World Changes

- According to each of player's behavior in the Game, player can enjoy 2 different of world in the game such as Original world and Chaos world.

In the Chaos world, player can enjoy rare items and unique boss mop in there.

2. Unlimited Selection to Class

- Player don’t need to choose certain Job in the game.

We try to give ultimate freedom for users to play the game. It will bring various fun points to player, tired of existing simple character growing and using same weapon.

3. Create Unlimited Clothes Item

- There is no limitation to choose certain clothes according to their own character.

Using color item, player can make any color of clothes what they want.

The color item is one of powerful business model in the game.

4. Can Grow Their Character Enjoying The Living of Job

- Without constant battle in the game, player can grow their Character's Lv enough.

5. Everybody Can Be Hero

- The player will experience various quests and episode in the game. Any player could be “the legend?in the game based on user’s achievement. The player will be attracted to NEO Online with self-contentment.

- The minstrel NPC in the village praises the player who has the best title.

The user could check the rank and history of the title from the NPC

6. Random Ability Item ?Fair Stone

- Using Fair stone, ability of whole items can be enhanced with certain rate.

- It will bring player to encourage collecting more Fair stone.

Sector of Neo online -Various Battle System:

PVP : Player VS Player PK : Can be joining PK mode reaching certain LV Group battle : Once Chaos world is coming, Group battle can be breaking Guild battle : Guild VS Guild Castle war : The battle among guilds dominating certain supremacy Technology of Neo online - Seamless World and 3D AI

Applying Seamless World and 3D AI technology, make user concentration and convenience for game maximize!

Enhance the concentration of playing the game? user can transfer another area without time consuming for loading. Enhanced AI, Finding way with Navigation Mesh : possible to find out mop easily using Navigation Mesh

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