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Necromundus coming in spring to

UNDERWOOD, WASHINGTON - Necromundus, the next adventure world from Mongoose Online Entertainment and, is now under development and planned for a grand opening in Spring 2006.

The text-based multiplayer Internet game, a creation of Wes Platt (developer of OtherSpace and Chiaroscuro and author of the novel OtherSpace: Red-Eye Flight), will allow players from around the world to inhabit an afterlife realm with portals leading to adventures and quests beyond the grave. When the game makes its debut, it will feature three realms: the main hub city of Necromundus, a post-apocalyptic world known as Urland, and a fantasy world called Cataract. More portals will open as the game expands over time.

The game will feature automated combat between players, monsters and other players. They'll be able to complete quests, alone or in groups. They'll be able to craft and customize items using a robust system made popular on Chiaroscuro since 2003.

Until now, the games of have focused primarily on role-playing and interactive storytelling. Necromundus will be the site's first foray into straight RP-optional online adventuring.

The initial game will be free to play, but will offer some paid enhancements. Access to expansion areas will be among the paid enhancements. has been online since 1998, under the oversight of Wes Platt, providing low-bandwidth/high-creativity interactive storytelling environments.

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