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NCsoft Lines Up First Ever European Release

Join the Lineage II universe from mid-November

Friday 5 November 2004/... NCsoftTM Europe, the newly created subsidiary of the world's biggest online games company NCsoft Corporation, has today confirmed the imminent arrival of Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle into the UK and mainland Europe.

Launching on 19th November in the UK, Lineage II will carry a suggested retail price of £29.99, including one month's free play. To enable non-credit card holders to subscribe to the world's most successful MMO universe, NCsoft is also releasing a collectable range of Time Cards. Available in stores from 17th December, the Lineage II Time Cards offer players 60 days of play for £17.99.

Lineage II is a classically molded MMO, with a strong fantasy theme running throughout. Creating your character from a range of races, from dwarves to dark elves, players are thrown into the hectic and thrilling world of player vs player combat. Clans will form alliances with other clans, and as quickly break them to further their own ends. Play the bad guy for too long, however, and you may find yourself exposed by the innovative Karma system.

"Lineage II puts players right into the thick of combat," says Sebastien Vidal, COO of NCsoft Europe. "With the modified Unreal engine, you'll see, hear and feel the full emotion of the conflict, from battle cries to the sound of clashing swords, to fire breathing dragons, to arrows whistling through the air ─ it's an experience that's unmatched in the world of MMORPGs."

More information about Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle can be found at

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