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NCsoft Announce Details Of The Latest Lineage II Update "The Chaotic Throne - Interlude"

Interlude is the conclusion of the "Chaotic Chronicle" and the start of a new era

Wednesday 21st February/...NCsoft® Corporation is pleased to announce the impending conclusion to Lineage® II: The Chaotic Chronicle, one of the world's largest and most popular massively multiplayer online role-play games (MMORPG) already enjoyed by 14 million gamers worldwide. The ending of The Chaotic Chronicle marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the expanding Lineage II saga, with the launch of The Chaotic Throne. The first chapter; Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne - Interlude is expected on European and US servers from April 2007.

Interlude is the bridging link between Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, and the beginning of a new chapter, The Chaotic Throne. Over the past three years since the launch of Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, the game has seen vast changes to its strong visual style and game play, in the form of free updates for its subscribing players. Interlude will build on this tradition, starting players on an epic new adventure with new lands to explore, new adversaries to defeat and new challenges to overcome.


New Zone - Primeval Isle - Pterodactyls dominate the skies and vicious dinosaurs prowl the earth in a hunting ground for top-level players.

New Items - 15,000 different items to be discovered

More weapon augmentations for incredible bonuses - With the help of a Blacksmith, players can receive even more spectacular bonuses to abilities, battle values and skills

Shadow Weapons - Weapons can be expensive - limiting their acquisition to advanced players with enough money. Shadow Weapons look and behave like 'the real thing' but are cheap enough for new players to afford them. However, as shadows of real weapons, they will eventually wear out and disappear.

New Duelling system -PvP almost anywhere with no penalties. No need to go to an arena and for the first time - see your opponent's hit points!

Multiple New Quests - enter the mighty Siren's lair or capture a Tyrannosaurus to bring fame and fortune to your clan. Just one of the many new quests that will test the mettle of the most hardened players

Multiple New Skills - over 60 new high level skills added to the game let players expand and develop even further and bring new dynamics to PvP and PvE combat. Players will have no shortage of ingenious ways of dealing with their adversaries

Since its launch in 2003, Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle has reached more than 14 million customers worldwide. Already a widely popular and established game brand in Korea and other Asian counties, the title started as a cult favourite of many MMORPG gamers in Europe and North America striving to compete in what is considered the premiere player-versus-player (PvP) online role-playing game.

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle is available at retail as a DVD pack, featuring the most recent update Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood.

About NCsoft Europe

NCsoft Europe (NC-E) is headquartered in Brighton, England and is part of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation, the world's leading developer and publisher of online games. NCsoft has already successfully established itself in North America, Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand. NC-E began operations on 1st September 2004 and serves as a central hub for all NCsoft sales, marketing and distribution operations in Europe, via its European distribution network. NC-E launched Lineage® II in November 2004, City of Heroes® on 4th February 2005, Guild Wars® on 28th April 2005, City of Villains on 31st October 2005, Auto Assault® on 13th April 2006, Guild Wars Factions on 28th April 2006 and Guild Wars Nightfall on 27th October 2006. More information about NCsoft Europe can be found at

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