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NCAA Football 10

All about the new TeamBuilder feature.

April 27, 2009—Create-a-School was first introduced in NCAA Football 2000 on the PlayStation. The PS2 version made its debut in NCAA Football 2003. For three years, fans have anxiously awaited the next generation of this feature. The wait is now over, as EA SPORTS proudly announces the arrival of TeamBuilder.

TeamBuilder is a web-based create-a-school feature that allows anyone with Internet access to log on to to create and share schools with the rest of the NCAA Football 10 community. These created schools can be downloaded in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of NCAA Football 10 and can be used in Play Now, Dynasty, and Online Dynasty modes. TeamBuilder will go live approximately one month before the July 14th launch of NCAA Football 10.


General Info

Creating a team is as simple as filling out the 10 fields on the General Info page, then choosing your team colors. With this information, you can save and publish your team. Of course, there is a myriad of other customization options for those who want a more in-depth experience.


Choose any existing logo from our library, which also includes Football Championship Subdivision (1-AA) schools and generic logos, or import a logo from your computer. You can even pull your school colors out of your primary logo to ensure your customized uniform is an exact match to your logo!


Choose from any of the existing stadiums including high school stadiums and generics. Name the stadium to fit your team. Crowd colors will automatically customize based on the team colors you choose.


Choose from any existing field in NCAA Football 10 or create your own. When building a custom field, you can choose surface type, the colors and text that will appear in the end zone and the size and placement of your logo on the field.


Choose from existing uniforms or completely customize your own including helmets, jerseys, pants, socks and shoes.

2 Helmets – Primary and secondary. Choose existing or create your own: o Choose base color plus facemask, chinstrap, and all stripe colors

o 25+ different styles or stripe patterns

o Choose which logos you want to see on each side

o You can also flip the logos per side

o Option to display numbers instead of logos if you want (Alabama)

4 Jerseys—Home, Alternate Home, Away and Alternate Away. Choose existing or create your own: o Choose base style and color plus collar, cuff, number, and name styles and colors

o 70+ different base styles, or stripe patterns

o 11 different logo placements

o Defaults are all based off your school colors and logos

2 Pants—Home and Alternate. Choose existing or create your own: o Choose base style and color

o Several different base styles or stripe patterns

o 4 different logo placement options

o Defaults are all based off your school colors and logos

Shoes and Socks o Choose your colors for shoes and socks.


The program page allows you to fill out your playbook info, playing style, and recruiting pitches, which is useful when using your created team in the Dynasty and Online Dynasty modes.


Edit your custom team roster including, name, number, height, weight, year, skin tone and face. All player ratings can be created and adjusted on this roster page.


TeamBuilder’s intuitively designed online database is searchable across several fields, allowing users to share content with ease.

Web Search

Search Fields o School Name/Nickname

o City

o State

o School Type

o Author

Wildcards—School Name/Nickname wildcard searches will work, so if you enter “Flor”, it would return Florida, Florida A&M, Florida State 93, etc. Sort Search Results By: o Most Downloaded

o Most Recent

o School Name

o Nickname

o Author

Console: Search & Download

The console search allows you to refine several fields for a generic search or a very specific search, depending on what you are looking for The default search will search for schools you’ve created Once you’ve found the school or schools you want, download them and save them to your hard drive NOTE: Schools that are marked as Private by the author will not show up in any search results.

Web Preview

Quickly preview a team by clicking on the team card at the home page or search results grid The default preview will display Program Info and Uniform You can also preview the full roster with one mouse click

When you purchase NCAA Football 10, you will receive a code in the original packaging that will unlock 12 slots. This will allow you to save up to 12 created teams to your console hard drive. If you pre-order NCAA Football 10 you will receive a code for an additional 13 slots, allowing you to save 25 created teams directly to your console hard drive.

For screenshots of the NCAA Football 10 TeamBuilder feature, please visit:

To keep up with the latest information about TeamBuilder and other exciting NCAA Football 10 news, please visit regularly, as the site is updated often.


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