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AI pathfinding package reaches version 3.0.

Mountain View, CA - October 27, 2010 - Middleware developer BabelFlux LLC is pleased to announce the release of NavPower 3.0, its leading-edge AI pathfinding package, along with new licenses for Dead Space™ 2, Darkspore™ and Dungeon Siege ® III. NavPower 3.0 provides major new capabilities as well as significant performance improvements that continue to make NavPower the clear choice in pathfinding middleware.

NavPower 3.0 enhancements include:

·                     Moving platforms: Characters can navigate on moving platforms providing exciting new gameplay opportunities.

·                     FlightPak: New volumetric pathfinding allows creatures to fly up over buildings or through windows as they navigate around the world.

·                     MMO support: New instancing technology provides crucial support for MMO games. 

·                     High performance: NavPower 3.0 provides SPU processing on PlayStation®3, a new multicore build process which reduces memory consumption by a factor of three, 6x faster reachability queries and many more optimizations.

"Over the past year, NavPower licensing has really taken off with many AAA titles adopting NavPower as their pathfinding solution," said David Miles, NavPower CTO. "This includes games from leading publishers such as Electronic Arts, THQ and Square Enix, as well as developers like Obsidian Entertainment."

"We are very excited to announce licenses for the much-anticipated Dead Space 2 from Visceral Games, Darkspore from Maxis, and the action RPG Dungeon Siege III developed by Obsidian Entertainment,” said Miles. “These developers chose NavPower because of its advanced pathfinding technology as well as the high quality support provided by the NavPower team. The feedback we are receiving from these teams is extremely positive, including, 'The support our team has received from NavPower has been the best I've ever seen for any game middleware and for any software in general,' and, ‘The support has been incredibly responsive. We are very pleased with our decision to use NavPower.’"

Based in Mountain View, California, BabelFlux LLC has been developing leading-edge AI pathfinding middleware since 2005. For more information visit www.navpower.com or contact BabelFlux LLC at info@navpower.com.

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