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Navigating the path toward success: Xsolla Funding Club's role in FixFox's launch

Studio founder Jaroslav Meloun’s search for an investor ended after a month of joining Xsolla Funding Club, concluding a 2-year-long search

Like many indie studios, Rendlike from the Czech Republic was born from a passion for video games and the craft of creating them.

Its founder, Jaroslav Meloun, started his career in 2011, when he joined Silicon Jelly, creating the cute puzzle platformer Mimpi. Later, he worked on Dex, a successful cyberpunk RPG from Kickstarter published on PS4 and Xbox One.

However, this marked only the initial chapter of Meloun's journey. As a versatile freelancer, he engaged in diverse indie projects, crafting experiences like the narrative-rich adventure, Don't Give Up, and the chilling odyssey, Saturnalia. His 10-year stewardship of the Prague arm of the Global Game Jam underscored his commitment to nurturing student game projects while fueling his deep connection to game development.

Driven by a passion for the craft and armed with a wealth of skills and experience, Meloun established Rendlike in 2021. The name itself, a fusion of 'rendlik' (Czech for saucepan) and 'like' (symbolizing positivity), epitomizes his goal of spreading positivity.

"Growing up, games have always been an important source of inspiration and wonder for me," said Meloun. Influenced by impactful titles like Fallout and The Longest Journey, and buoyed by the creative energy of game jams, Meloun realized his capability to independently bring his imaginative game concepts to life, propelling him to embark on the development of FixFox.

FixFox is a charming adventure game in which Vix, the main character, fixes machines and eats cozy meals with kind robot locals.

However, solo game development presented unforeseen challenges for Meloun.

While creating Rendlike's debut title, he quickly realized that external support was essential for a successful release.

"My initial plan was to self-publish FixFox," said Meloun. "However, as the development process progressed, I realized that I would need more funding and resources to bring the game to market, and effective time management emerged as a significant hurdle."

Facing budgetary and resource constraints, as well as the pressures of development timelines, Meloun tried navigating the demanding terrain alone, and one of the most significant obstacles he encountered was the effective management of time. Yet, despite the uncertainties, Meloun’s commitment remained resolute.

“Of course, I had doubts about the success of my game. There are so many great games out there, and it's hard to know if your game will stand out from the crowd. However, I kept moving forward by focusing on making the best game I could.”

Within the struggles, gratifying moments – like completing a challenging milestone or receiving positive feedback from playtesters – fueled his determination.

Additionally, as the pandemic further complicated matters, Meloun turned to publishers and investors to secure the essential backing. Virtual interactions took precedence, with Zoom pitches becoming the norm. And despite the growing popularity of games similar to FixFox, the sub-genre is still relatively niche in the indie game scene.

“The process was long and challenging,” said Meloun. “Some investors hesitated to invest in me because I was a solo developer. Others were concerned that FixFox was a niche genre and didn't think it would be a commercial success.”

With FixFox’s cozy aesthetic, top-down perspective, and puzzle solving and crafting mechanics, it’s an original concept that’s hard to predict its success.

Recognizing the need for funding, and with limited options left, Meloun sought support in game-related funding platforms, hoping to find video game publishers and investors ready to invest in a game like FixFox. This is how he found Xsolla Funding Club (XFC).

Within a month of signing up and preparing his pitch materials for XFC, Meloun’s long search for support ended when he connected with Joystick Ventures – an investor that resonated perfectly with Rendlike and Meloun’s goals.

“Surprisingly, after two years of trying to find an investor, it took just around a month to find a match,” he said.

This newfound partnership brought a fresh wave of energy to FixFox's development. With the support of Joystick Ventures, Meloun's priority was to find new talent.

“This [funding] allowed me to hire a few contractors to help me with the development process, and it also gave me the resources I needed to market and promote the game,” Meloun said.

Joystick Ventures' support also went beyond financial backing. Embracing insights from seasoned industry veterans within the Joystick Ventures team, Meloun adeptly maximized his resources throughout the development journey, creating and sticking to a realistic budget while finding ways to save when it came to things like marketing and art assets. The dynamics of collaboration also proved to be invaluable for Meloun as he engaged closely with both the investor and the team he assembled.

“One unexpected discovery I made was that I really enjoyed working with other people on the game,” said Meloun. “I had always thought of myself as a solo developer, but working with contractors helped me to see the benefits of collaboration.”

The backing of Joystick Ventures instilled Meloun with newfound assurance, knowing that a robust community of investors and supporters rallied behind his goals. This network also proved pivotal in FixFox’s development journey that led to its pre-launch, launch, and even its post-launch.

Beyond just financial support, Joystick Ventures propelled FixFox over the finish line. Their contributions spanned financial support, marketing and PR amplification, and invaluable guidance throughout the development process. Their resources and industry acumen even facilitated the successful listing of the game on Steam as well as other platforms.

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FixFox's release achieved resounding success, garnering "Very Positive" reviews on Steam, enthusiastic endorsements from game journalists, and a vibrant community presence on platforms like Discord. Thanks to Xsolla Funding Club, Meloun effectively launched the game on time, securing an investor within a month of searching.

"With its cute characters, situational problem-solving, and relaxed approach to adventure, all daubed in 16-bit style and backed with a pleasing chiptune score, FixFox looks to be a cute ‘n’ quirky adventure, sure to be a hit with tinkerers everywhere."


Drawing from his own experience, Meloun advised emerging indie developers to proactively seek visibility in a landscape teeming with exceptional releases.

"With so many great games released every week, it's hard to get noticed. Visibility is the key. Don't be shy to seek out guidance in whatever you're lacking," he said.

A hub where game developers at every stage of their journey can access essential tools, valuable networking prospects, and a wealth of resources to achieving successful game releases, Xsolla Funding Club is a game-changer for studios like Rendlike. It seamlessly unites funding, developmental resources, and the seasoned support of over 180 investors and publishers on a single accessible platform.

With XFC, game-focused investors and publishers gain exclusive entry to a meticulously curated array of developers with projects aligned with their distinct investment criteria. Not only does this facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships like Joystick Ventures and Meloun’s FixFox, it also creates long-term, dynamic collaborations between indie studios and publishers, and investors within the video game industry.

If you’d like to learn more about Xsolla Funding Club, or if you’d like to take your current project to the next level with a platform that helps developers, publishers, and investors to connect, create valuable collaborations, and establish investment prospects, find more information about the platform here.

If you’d like to learn more about FixFox, the game is currently available on Steam,, GOG, and Rendlike’s website.

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