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Natural Selection 2

Concept art gives a peek into online FPS's Refinery environment.

To give their fans a behind-the-scenes glance at the development of Natural Selection 2, the team at Unknown Worlds today released a number of concept art pieces for the highly anticipated online FPS. These screens specifically provide insight into the design of the Refinery, a foreboding industrial environment which serves as the backdrop for a number of the maps that will be launching with the title later this year.

Combining pools and rivers of molten metal with dark, smoky hallways, the Refinery is a battleground that holds hidden dangers for aliens and marines alike. Savvy commanders should be able to use the hazardous environment to their squad's advantage, while cunning aliens are sure to find an abundance of dark corners perfectly suited for ambushes. No matter which side you join, making good use of your surroundings is a surefire way to win!

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