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National Film Theatre gears up for NTI*

The organisers of the NTI* (non-trivial interaction) event, scheduled to take place at the bfi National Film Theatre this weekend, have revealed more details of this year's line-up.

NTI*, billed as "a groundbreaking exploration of the boundaries between videogames and film", will look at the complex and growing relationship between the two entertainment genres and the opportunities it offers.

Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Roger Avary will deliver a speech titled The Rules of Adaptation, discussing his forthcoming Silent Hill movie, while Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux will argue that games are not only a legitimate faction of pop culture but may even be considered an art form. Molyneux will also unveil forthcoming PC sim The Movies at the event.

Ian Livingstone, creative director at Eidos Interactive, will look at the journey of Lara Croft from game character to movie star and cultural icon. Giant's Jonathan Smith will talk about the development of Lego Star Wars, and conduct a session on careers in gaming with a reduced ticket price for 16-24 year olds.

Bill van Buren, choreography director on Half-Life 2, will discuss the possibilities opened up to videogame storytellers by the development of new facial animation techniques. Jamie Fristom - creative director of Spider-Man 3 - will look at the ways in which Hollywood film-makers and game developers create action sequences, while Dr James Newman of Bath Spa University will discuss James Bond games with the developers of Goldeneye and other 007 titles.

"NTI* starts from the position that games are culturally important not only because of their huge economic significance, but because they are becoming embedded in our everyday lives," said NFT artistic director Eddie Berg.

"The bfi recognises the importance of videogames as a means of expression and in supporting NTI* we are placing ourselves at the forefront of discussions of contemporary digital culture."

NTI* will run from 9-10 July, with ticket prices varying from session to session. Full listings are available on the bfi website.

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