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Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom

Archaeological adventure sequel.

Alawar Entertainment, the leading international publisher of casual games, today announced the launch of a new casual quest titled "Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom". The main character of the game is the famous girl detective, Natalie Brooks. Her first adventure, "Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House," enjoyed tremendous success at BigFish Games, MSN, iWin and other game portals.

Alawar Friday's Games, an internal division of Alawar, developed both installments. Additional talent joined the company to help create the sequel, improving its quality dramatically. This time through, the plot is more thrilling, the gameplay more exciting and the puzzles more challenging. In addition, the quest is nearly twice as long as the first game, with the story divided into lengthy seven chapters. The developers eliminated the other shortcomings of the first game and optimized the gameplay experience with mini-games and comic book-style interludes.

In Treasures of the Lost Kingdom, Natalie faces a seemingly impossible task: save her grandfather, a renowned archaeologist, from kidnappers holding him ransom for an ancient treasure map. Natalie has just 24 hours to find the map, solve the mystery of a terrible curse and unmask the truth behind a legendary ghost train.

"We're planning to create an entire series of quests starring Natalie Brooks," says Kirill Plotnikov, producer. "The main character will be their only link, so players will be able to start with any of the games. Alawar Friday's Games has already begun work on the next sequel, scheduled to be launched in summer 2009."

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About Alawar Entertainment

Alawar Entertainment, a leading international publisher and distributor of casual games, was founded in 1999. The company's catalog currently includes around 250 globally popular casual games. Alawar's partners include more than 50 developers, to which the company offers the full spectrum of services, from producing, to distribution, to marketing. In addition, Alawar has its own network of online game platforms and cooperates with all of the major online and CD distributors. In 2004, the company was one of the first companies to enter the Russian market for casual games; today, Alawar is its leading participant. Casual games from the company's portfolio are offered through more than 200 leading Russian resources, including Rambler-Games, and the Web sites of the RBC company.

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Marketing communications and PR director Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

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