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Natalie Brooks - Secrets of Treasure House

Ms Brooks to go mobile.

Alawar NewEdge Mobile is finalizing a mobile version of a casual hit “Natalie Brooks – Secrets of Treasure House”.

The original PC version of the game was developed by Friday’s Games, which joined Alawar Entertainment in October 2008 as internal development studio. A casual game combining two best-selling genres (“hidden object” /“i-spy” and “quest”) found great response among players all over the world. For 35 days the game held its positions in Top 10 at BigFish Games. It was also a success at MSN, Reflexive Arcade and iWin portals. Besides that the game spent 5 months in Top 10 at one of the major casual games portals in Russia ( Being included in Top 5 by and Rambler-Games it also came forth as one of the most popular games of the year. (Read more about the PC game at

The mobile game reproduces faithfully the plot of the PC version, preserving its dynamics and stunningly beautiful graphics, the quality of which is particularly significant for this platform. “Natalie Brooks – Secrets of Treasure House” encourages the player to help nice and charming Natalie Brooks to become familiar with a tough skill of a professional detective. Together they will have to overcome a whole bunch of difficulties, avoid tricky traps, smoke out the criminals and puzzle out a mystery of an old mansion. The development of the plot is arranged in a “detective story” style, keeping the player in suspense till the very last moment, which creates a special atmosphere and makes the gameplay even more thrilling.

“Natalie Brooks – Secrets of Treasure House” is a very important project for our company,” - comments Olga Znamenskaya, Executive Director at Alawar NewEdge Mobile. “The “i-spy” genre is rather new for mobile market, so bringing this game to another platform seemed to be a very challenging task. The eagerness of our staff to achieve the original goals and objectives of the project made our work on the game very interesting and allowed us to raise considerably our internal quality standard, optimize business processes and realize many challenging ideas. We’re entering the release stage within the set timeframe and now it is obvious that project deliverables will meet all functional, performance and quality specifications”.

The release of Russian version is scheduled for December 2008. It’s going to be the first Russian casual quest developed for mobile phones.

“This project has brought our company to a new level of performance,” says Andrey Yunoshev, Chief Programmer at New Edge. “We’ve created 8 full-rate colorful episodes, added mini-games, incorporated location changes depending on the plot and introduced different elements of item search. Besides that we’ve developed a new effective tool for large graphic files packaging and created a framework for mobile “i-spy” games development. I’m quite sure that “Natalie Brooks – Secrets of Treasure House” will influence greatly our future development strategies and encourage further technology improvements”.

Alawar Entertainment plans to release a sequel to the game by the end of this year. The company also intends to develop game series dedicated to the brave girl’s adventures. All new titles will be released both in PC and mobile versions, which will allow enlarging significantly casual game players’ audience.

About ANEM

Alawar NewEdge Mobile (ANEM) was founded in 2007 through the joint cooperation of Alawar Entertainment (a casual games publisher) and New Edge (a mobile games developer). ANEM specializes in the publication and distribution of mobile games. Its portfolio includes more than 100 high quality games, including mobile versions of casual PC games by Alawar. In addition, the company acts as the exclusive publisher of products developed by New Edge. For more information, please visit

If you have a distribution offer or require further information on the game, please contact Xenia Rakhmanova at

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