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Namco to bring KDDI titles to US

Japanese portfolio to reach North American audience

Namco Networks has signed a deal to publish KDDI's portfolio of titles in the US.

KDDI currently boasts over 25 million subscribers in Japan, with a catalogue of titles covering multiple gaming genres.

"Partnering with Namco allows us to work with an established leader in the North American mobile market, ensuring the quality of the localisation and successful distribution of our catalogue of Japanese games to North American wireless subscribers," commented Takashi Nagashima, general manager at KDDI.

"Publishers of KDDI's games that currently do not have distribution in the North American market can now build a presence through this relationship with Namco."

Kenji Hisatsune, president of Namco Networks added: "The portfolio of mobile games that KDDI offers has proven to be highly successful in Japan, a trend we anticipate to continue in the US."

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