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Namco swings Warhammer licence

Namco has signed an exclusive deal with Games Workshop and plans to focus its development efforts on PC to start, with the possibility of console and handheld games later on.

Namco has signed an exclusive licensing deal with tabletop wargame maker Games Workshop to create games based on its Warhammer fantasy setting. The deal is described as "long-term" for "multiple games" on PC, and also allows for future console and handheld gaming versions.

However Namco says that for now at least it's focusing on PC for Warhammer. A spokesperson last night said the company did have console rights, but "wanted to focus on the PC right now" as it grows its PC division. "Since Namco is known as a console-only company we didn't want to confuse people or have them think we would just be doing a PC port."

The same representative also clarified that THQ's deal with Games Workshop to use the Warhammer 40,000 licence was unaffected by Namco's arrangement as the two are separate properties and, indeed, universes.

Games Workshop's Jon Gillard said the company was sure Warhammer fans would be excited by the prospect of a the partnership with "such a distinguished company as Namco," paying tribute to the Japanese publisher for creating some of the "greatest videogame franchises of all time".

Namco's efforts to build up its PC division will certainly be boosted by the news, which follows last year's revelation that it would publish the first game from the former Blizzard developers who started up Flagship Studios. Namco's previous PC efforts have largely been third-party ports of its console titles like kill.switch and Dead to Rights.

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