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Namco Releases New Screens and Art for Rebelstar: Tactical Command

Namco today released new screenshots and concept art for their upcoming turn-based strategy game for the Game Boy® Advance, "Rebelstar: Tactical CommandTM". The newly released assets highlight a treacherous alien race called the Zorn, which a band of human survivors must overcome to reclaim Earth for mankind.

The Zorn are a militaristic race of carnivorous humanoids. They are large and muscular with a green reptilian skin, fiery red eyes and a jaw full of sharp teeth. They relish fighting, but are slow witted and less intelligent than the average human. They have long been used by the Arelians as the janissaries of the empire. On Earth they acted as the Arelians' loyal police force, carrying out the abductions of 30 year olds under the supervision of Arelian commanders. The Zorn were rewarded with flesh. The abductees were taken to Zorn cities where they took part in gladiatorial contests against each other, or were force to fight Urdogs and other beasts. Once dead their flesh was consumed as a delicacy. This was the blood pact between the Arelians and the Zorn, in which the fate of humanity served the mutual benefit of both races.

Featuring destructible environments, customizable characters and a variety of multiplayer options, "Rebelstar: Tactical CommandTM" is being developed by the makers of X-COM and is planned for release this Summer.

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