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Namco launches retro game tournaments

Pac-Man and Galaga showdown at New York exhibition

Namco is set to run a mobile retro gaming tournament, with attendees of the DigitalLife entertainment and technology show battling it out over Pac-Man and Galaga, as part of its marketing drive in the US.

Co-sponsored by Motorola, competitors will strive to hit high-scores over six days, using the new MOTOSLVR handset.

"We are proud to join Namco Networks in sponsoring this series of mobile gaming tournaments at DigitalLife," said Christy Wyatt, VP of ecosystem and market development at Motorola.

"We see a great opportunity to increase consumer awareness of mobile gaming while providing the necessary tools and resources game developers need to advance the mobile gaming industry forward," he added

Scott Rubin, VP of sales and marketing for Namco said: "Namco is hosting this unique mobile gaming event at DigitalLife to grow consumer visibility for wireless gaming."

"Working with Motorola provides a great opportunity for Pac-Man and Galaga fans to play the mobile versions of their arcade favourites on a great Motorola handset."

DigitalLife will take place at the Javits Center, New York, October 12th - 15th.

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