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Namco announces RPG titles for Nintendo DS

The upcoming software line-up for the Nintendo DS has been bolstered today by the addition of two key titles from Namco's Monolith studio, promising two major RPGs for the platform in the future.

The two confirmed games are Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos - which currently exist as PS2 and GameCube RPGs respectively, with a second chapter in the Xenosaga, er, saga, due out in the USA in early 2005.

No details of what form the games may take on the DS have been announced, but the fact that they're bound for the platform is good news for Nintendo, which has been increasingly successful in attracting Japanese RPGs to its platforms in recent years.

Monolith - not to be confused with the US studio currently finishing work on The Matrix Online - was founded by a number of former Squaresoft staff, and boasts team members from acclaimed Square titles including Chrono Trigger and Xenogears.

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