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Namco 2005 Product Calendar: March Update

PlayStation® 2 Line-up

  • "TEKKEN'S NINA WILLIAMS IN: DEATH BY DEGREESTM" (Action, February 8, 2005): TEKKEN's ultimate assassin, Nina Williams, returns as a sexy undercover operative, utilizing signature moves and an explosive arsenal to thwart an international terrorist plot.
  • "Xenosaga® EPISODE II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse" (RPG, February 15, 2005): Rejoin Shion, KOS-MOS and their companions in the search for a legendary artifact capable of ushering an era of peace and prosperity in the enthralling second chapter of this landmark multi-part RPG saga.
  • "TEKKEN 5®" (Fighting, February 25, 2005): The fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament is underway with breathtaking interactive environments, more than 35 customizable characters and a complex fighting system.
  • "Dead to Rights® II" (Third Person Action, April 2005): Jack Slate returns with his K-9 companion Shadow to clean up the street of Grant City in this explosive sequel to the best selling "Dead to Rights."
  • "Arc the Lad®: End of DarknessTM" (Action RPG, June 2005): For the first time, the Arc the Lad series takes a real-time action approach, as players fight vigorously though various action-packed missions to build up their character. They then take the same character online to fight and cooperate with up to seven other gamers. The game will include an all-star cast of characters from the "Arc the Lad" series.

XboxTM Line-up

  • "Dead to Rights® II" (Third Person Action, April 2005): Jack Slate returns with his K-9 companion Shadow to clean up the street of Grant City in this explosive sequel to the best selling "Dead to Rights."

PSPTM Line-up

  • "Ridge RacerTM" (Racing, March 22, 2005): The race continues with the most beloved tracks and vehicles from the Ridge Racer series, complete with wireless multiplayer action for up to 8 players.

GameBoy® Advance Line-up

  • "Klonoa® 2: Dream Champ Tournament" (Puzzle Action, February 22, 2005): Bounce, bomb and barrel your way through five puzzling platform worlds as floppy-eared hero Klonoa, collecting star, sun and moon fragments to become the ultimate Dream Champion.
  • "Ace Combat AdvanceTM" (Air Combat, February 2005): Take to the skies as a highly trained jet pilot with high-octane aerial combat in expansive free roaming environments.
  • "HUGO - The Evil MirrorTM" (Puzzle Action, April 2005): Progress through three puzzling worlds to save the lovable troll HUGO, upgrading your abilities to break the spell of the evil witch Scylla.
  • "PAC-MAN PinballTM" Advance (Arcade, April 2005): Pure pinball satisfaction featuring everyone's favorite video game character, Pac-Man, along with a host of familiar characters. Players guide Pac-Man as the ball, and set forth to complete the different levels within the story.
  • "Mr. DRILLER® 2" (Puzzle Action, April 2005): Dig your way through a maze of colored blacks as Mr. Driller and his rambunctious companion, Anna Hottenmayer, in three distinct modes of play and head to head multiplayer action.
  • "Sigma Star SagaTM" (RPG/Action, June 2005): As an Earth Federation double agent, combine "gun data" to customize powerful weaponry then take to the skies to discover the mystery of the Six Planets and defeat the evil Krill in the first ever space shooter role playing game.
  • "HUGO Bukkazoom!TM" (Kart Racing, August 2005): Compete as a collection of characters from the HUGO universe, zipping around free roaming courses in a selection of powerful go-karts.

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