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Naked War

Celebrating their 100,000th turn by switching the game into free play mode.

Manchester, UK, 11th December 2008 - Indie publisher Zee-3 witnessed the 100,000th turn in their highly acclaimed two-player strategy game Naked War today and to celebrate switched the game into free play mode!

As of today new players of the PC-based game, developed by veteran video game designers The Pickford Brothers, will be able to continue their free trial of the full game indefinitely, with no strings attached - previously they could only send a single Challenge (allowing one

complete game) before they had to buy a subscription.

In addition, existing subscribers will now have infinite Challenge Credits, allowing them to play as many games as they like for no extra charge. Previously Naked War operated on a 'pay to play' model, where subscribers purchase a limited number of Challenge Credits which

were consumed by each game played.

"We wanted to mark this landmark event in Naked War's history by doing something to say a big 'thank you' to all the subscribers, players, and members of the Naked War community that have been supporting indie development, and enjoying Naked War, for the last couple of years,"

said co-designer Ste Pickford.

"We also wanted to underline our continued commitment to this, our first ever indie release. When we launched, some people were nervous about joining in a game based around a subscription and server model - they didn't know if the game would be around for long, or if the servers

would stay running. Well, we've been running for nearly three years now, with no sign of stopping, and we're still making changes and improvements to the game!"

Zee-3 wanted to make the game more welcoming for new players, as well as continually appealing for the games well-established fanbase.

"We have made it easier for existing players to invite their friends to play Naked War. We have removed email attachments which were falling foul of some spam filters and we have improved the website and overall experience for new players joining the Naked War community and playing

the game for the first time," added Ste.

Naked War is a fun, strategic battle game for two players, available for Windows PCs. The game is played in short chunks, called turns, which are passed between players via the Zee-3 website. Each turn represents about five minutes of gameplay, and the game doesn't require both players

to be online at the same time, making it the ideal coffee break activity, or game to play against friends you don't see that often.

The game is distributed exclusively online by Zee-3, and the full version of the game is completely free to download and play. Extra features and benefits are available to subscribers who pay only $19.99 for infinite Challenge Credits and extensive website stats and tracking



Naked War Facts for editors:

Metacritic score of 84.

Over 500,000 minutes of game time amongst all registered players.

High conversion rate - 19% of registered players go on to buy a subscription.

Average play time per registered player is over nine hours.


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