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N.E.O. Online

Help rid Gaia of chaos and restore peace.

El Segundo, Ca. - July 12, 2010 - OGPlanet, a leading publisher of free to play MMORPGs, proudly announced today that its latest game, N.E.O. Online, is now available for players across North America on its website, Set in a desperate world fighting to restore the land to peace, N.E.O. Online allows players to determine the fate of each region thanks to their actions, becoming legendary heroes or villains in the process.

N.E.O. Online is set on the world of chaos ridden world of Gaia, where monsters have plunged the world into darkness. In a last ditch attempt to restore peace, some citizens of Gaia have banded together to take their lands back. Will you be part of this new crusade to redeem the world of Gaia, or will you use your powers to ensure that evil rules permanently? Unlike other MMORPGs, players won't be restricted to one particular class; instead, N.E.O. Online allows players to upgrade any abilities and stats as they see fit. As a result, you can master a particular discipline (like spellcasting), or combine your skills (such as a sword wielding wizard). The choice is yours.

What's more, N.E.O. Online focuses on a player's actions, tracking their decisions to determine the overall measure of how dangerous a region of Gaia has become thanks to a Chaos meter. If players have joined together to repel the evil in the land, the meter will empty, and the world will become a peaceful, dream-like place with bright colors and animals. On the other hand, if players disrupt the peace or choose to perform evil acts, the Chaos meter will rise, turning the world into a dark wasteland filled with stronger and more powerful monsters.

As Chaos increases, players will also have the option to fight each other in one on one, group or guild battles. Guilds can also declare war upon rival guilds to determine the ownership of the land, taxing and shaping that region as they see fit. Each battle that's won provides large rewards of fame and money, and potentially specialized titles that boost their stats. Unlike other MMORPGs, some titles can only be held by one player at a time, giving bragging rights to that player. Furthermore, NPC troubadours will also recognize these individual awards and sing your praises (or curses) to all they meet, spreading your character's legend around the world.

Other features of N.E.O. Online include:

Fair Stone System: Players will be able to equip three offensive and three defensive stones to augment their characters stats. Depending on the stone and how it's upgraded, characters will gain new status effects, such as weapons with fire or lightning attacks.

Living Skill System: Known as crafting, players will be able to make money through collecting resources and manufacturing items. Players that invest time in this system can refine these skills to produce high-end items that can't be found in the game, receiving experience and fame bonuses with each product. Additionally, the name of the crafter is attached to these items, allowing players to expand their reach in the world of Gaia even further.

Pet System: Players will have the option to gain mounts that will fight alongside characters. These mounts can be named and customized to speak in different situations, such as each time there are summoned to your character's side. Mounts will level up alongside characters, and will need to be fed and maintained to improve their skills.

Confident/Marriage system: As you play the game, you can choose to become extremely close to other characters. The Confident/Marriage system allows players to propose and become married to other characters, which will allow characters to instantly travel to each other via Wedding Rings. In happier moments, paired characters will be able to perform specific Couple Emotes (Hug, Kiss, etc.) as well, but if things become rocky, players can also get divorced from each other.

For more information about N.E.O. Online, including screenshots and a trailer, please visit N.E.O. Online's homepage at or OGPlanet's page at

MEDIA NOTE: N.E.O. Online screenshots are available for you use on the MMPR ftp site in the OGPlanet folder:

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