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MyTraffic X

AI flight sim add-on reaches version 5.2.

Press release, Europe, November 8th, 2008

Burkhard Renk has released Version 5.2 of his much appraised MyTraffic X, the ultimate AI traffic add-on for Flight Simulator X.

MyTraffic X Version 5.2 is a giant step forward compared to previous versions and a huge leap towards fully using FSX's multitude of new possibilities. All included airports and schedules are in the FSX format. The majority of the included aircraft types, e.g. all Western airliners, is already in the new, highly optimized FSX Service Pack 2 format, pairing top optical quality with ultimate performance.

MyTraffic X includes some 4,700.000 weekly AI flights, based on real world data where allowed by the authorities! There are over 8100 airports serviced by these flights and in addition you will see Touch and Go's performed on some 100 smaller airfields.

With My Traffic X you also get the only AI traffic generator that includes not only airliner traffic, but also General Aviation and Military traffic!

The 166+ aircraft models included in the package sport over 4300 liveries, and the number is still growing.

There are many more advantages of using My Traffic X over the default AI traffic, or over other AI traffic add-ons. For one, its simplicity. Installing is a cinch and real easy to do. There are no superfluous 'activities' and menus. After all, the only thing you really want is realistically crowded skies and airports, don't you !?

However, if you still want more functionality, then have a look at the MyTraffix X Editor, at the MyTraffic Communicator and at the wonderful MyTraffic TrafficBoard. The possibilities are endless, and discussed and supported by the active community on the MyTraffic forum! (

MyTraffic X 5.2 is being sold through only for now. That is also where you can see more of it, read a very extensive list of features and find more information regarding purchasing as well. (at ).

Here is what is new compared to version 5.1b:

the following aircraft have been completely replaced (or are added as new) by high quality DX10 models:

ATP, ATR42, ATR72, B707, B720, C135, KC135, KC137, E3A, B757-200 (including a real freighter), B757-300, B767-200 (including a real freighter), B767-300 (including a real freighter), B767-400, BAe146-100, BAe146-200, BAe146-300, Beech1900, Challenger300,Challenger600, Challenger850, Canadair CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, CRJ1000, Bombardier Global Express, DC8 (-61 to -73), DC9 (-10 to -50), DC10,MD11 (including a real freighter), Embraer 120, 135, 140, 145, 170, 175, 190, 195, R99, Fokker 27, 28, 50, 70 and 100, Saab340 (S100), Avro Vulcan.

Many of these have sub-models again.

Many more models have received more and/or updated paints. New airlines have been added, defunct ones went. New schedules based on actual data have been added. All the older night paints (e.g. B737, Dash8, MD8X) have undergone a significant and realistic upgrade.

The number of paints went up from 3500 to 4300, the number of airlines from 1400 to 1800.

Of the 30,000 files included, about 19,000 have been created or modified after 5.1b release, and more than 25,000 after the last commercial release 5.1 !!!


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