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Mythic Relaunches "Imperator" Website And Releases Fan Site Kit

Sci-Fi MMORPG's Web Site Features Live E3 Booth Webcam and PhotoBlog

FAIRFAX, VA - MAY 13, 2005 - Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of the massively-multiplayer online role playing games "Dark Age of Camelot" and "Imperator," today relaunched the official "Imperator" web site and released a fan site kit for the sci-fi themed MMORPG. Next week during E3, the annual industry trade show, the website will feature live coverage from Mythic's booth webcam at "Imperator" will be fully playable on the show floor, and is scheduled for simultaneous release in North America and Europe in summer 2006. In addition to a preview of "Imperator," Mythic will also unveil details of the next "Dark Age of Camelot" retail expansion pack at E3.

"'Imperator' is different and more ambitious than anything Mythic has ever done before, and we are excited to give players a live peek into what would otherwise be strictly a trade event," said Eugene Evans, vice president, marketing and business development at Mythic Entertainment. "'The Dark Age of Camelot' fan community has been a large part of the game's international success, and we want to support the 'Imperator' fan community from day one. The fan site kit and E3 booth cam offer fans a way to get involved even before the game's release."

The updated "Imperator" website,, also allows fans to sign up to receive the "Imperator" newsletter email. Mythic will regularly update the website with screenshots, concept art and developer diaries, and newsletter recipients will receive notification of new postings.

Throughout E3, Mythic staff will contribute live images to a photo blog, located at Mythic can be found in booth 5001C in the Concourse Hall.

About "Imperator"

Currently in development, "Imperator" is a science-fiction MMORPG set in a distant future where the Roman Republic never fell. Small changes at crucial moments in Roman history create an entirely new timeline for Earth. When the game begins, new threats to the Republic have sprung up internally and from beyond its borders, making the galaxy more dangerous and the Republic itself less stable. "Imperator" features an accessible mission system, sci-fi weapons, multiple character profession paths, and a compelling alternate vision of our future. Visit for more details.

About Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment is one of the most successful developers and publishers of massively-multiplayer online role-playing games in the world. Credited with 15 online games, including the award winning "Dark Age of Camelot," Mythic's success is based in proprietary technology, superior game design and exemplary customer service delivered by a talented staff of more than 160 people. "Dark Age of Camelot" is played throughout the world in seven languages. It was launched in Japanese in January 2005, and in April 2005 became the first international MMO localized for Spain.


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