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Mythic quick to ban gold selling "bottom feeders"

400 banned in first few days of MMO going live

Warhammer Online developer Mythic Entertainment has been quick to ban gold sellers and spammers from the recently launched title.

Studio boss Mark Jacobs hasn't held back in his latest blog post, where he revealed his thoughts on gold sellers in no uncertain terms.

"I hate gold sellers with every fiber of my being," wrote Jacobs.

"Since WAR launched we have been banning these jerks like crazy. As of Saturday night, we had banned about 400 of them.

"My CSRs have a zero tolerance policy. We don’t wait and let them stay in the game and ban them en-masse, my guys ban their useless, time-consuming butts right away. We have a strike team whose sole job it is to get these guys off our servers as quickly as possible," he revealed.

"We are in for a real fight against these bottom feeders and it will be a long and costly battle but it’s one we are going to take to them and this is only the first step," added Jacobs.

He also said that in the past companies have tried to buy him off by offering him a stake in the gold selling business, despite the opportunity to make a "tidy sum" on the side.

"For those who might be tempted to think that we are doing this so we could offer our own service or because we do make money off their boxes (traditionally, gold sellers will quickly shift to buddy disks and free trials though to lower their costs), let me tell you this. I’ve been offered 'a piece of the action' both personally and corporately in the past if I will either turn a blind eye or help them in their actions. This would have netted me and/or Mythic a very, very tidy sum, far more than we would see from box sales.

"My answer was and always will remain the same: Go to hell."

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