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Mythic expands business into Europe

US-based developer and publisher Mythic Entertainment has announced plans to release forthcoming sci-fi MMORPG Imperator simultaneously in North America and Europe.

Mythic has also revealed that it intends to open a European office to oversee localisation, marketing, distribution, customer support and billing for titles released in the region - beginning with Imperator, which will launch in summer 2006.

The company has yet to decide on a location for the new office, and is currently in negotiations with potential European distribution partners.

Mythic does have previous experience of the European market, having published MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot here in 2002.

President and CEO Mark Jacobs described the game as "a huge success" and "the first MMORPG to prove the great potential for online games in Europe." According to a report by DFC Intelligence, the European online games market will increase in value from an estimated $300 million last year to $2 billion by 2009.

"Our new office will allow us to participate in the rapidly growing European MMORPG market, and to expand the player community for Imperator and future Mythic titles," he added.

A playable version of Imperator will be on show at E3, along with future Dark Age of Camelot expansions.

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